WordPress Image Library: Let’s Talk about Size

What is the best image size for your blog? At PixelRockstar, you can download up to 2000 pixels wide/high from its wordpress image library. The size of the image can slow down your loading time. You don’t want that to happen to your website, or you’ll lose your potential customers and avid readers. Here are some tips you should remember when it comes to the size of your images.    

  • Size according to your content’s width. If your blog content are Is 690 pixels wide, you don’t need to download an image larger than that. An image of 800 pixels will be automatically shrunk.
  • No concept of per inch in web screen. Regardless of what the PPI is set to, the image will have the same file size. They are only relevant in printable. The number of pixels of information determines the file size. The larger image will slow down your loading time.
  • Don’t scale images too small, and then try to enlarge for display on your blog. This will only result to blurred and pixelated imges.

At PixelRockstar, you don’t have to deal with all of these. All images are optimized with SEO-friendly captions and are inserted to your posts automatically. With just a few clicks, you can get high quality and legally safe images to attract more readers and convert them to customers.

PixelRockstar is the wordpress image library that rocks! It is easy to use and shareable to social media. All images are safe to use for most digital use, too. The plugin removes all common limitations that drive online publishers from traditional image sources away. Image packages come at the best prices as well. Stock photos and illustrations can be downloaded for as low as $0.57 each. Plus, you can use them forever! So, what are you waiting for? Become a true rock star with PixelRockstar!

Creativity, Freedom and Community with a Getty Images Coupon

Getty-goodGetty Images is one of the best stock photo websites in the market for a reason, and that reason has been true for over 15 years now. Getty imagery has moved hearts, minds and opinions of individuals and the society around the world. It has powered careers and helped communities flourish. It represents that work of over 250,000 talented artists and photographers and protects bloggers and web designers. In a word, it has promoted creativity, freedom and community for individuals and businesses alike.

In the past, Getty Images seems exclusive to those with huge budgets for creative projects. Only the large players and the most successful creative professionals can afford the premium content of the stock site. All that will have to change now. Thanks to Ultrapacks, you do not have to wait for a Getty Images coupon to go your way and get a one-time discount on images on demand. You can now enjoy a life-long discounted price for images with the new Ultrapacks.

What are the benefits for Ultrapacks?

  • Ultrapacks offer a huge selection at the best value. Getty Images has over 50 million images and videos in its collection, including all premium content with royalty-free license and editorial license. The Ultrapacks give you built-in savings so you do not need to apply a Getty Images coupon to enjoy your discount. You can just download images whenever you need them because, yes, they do not expire. Just sign in to your Getty account at least once a year to extend your partially-used images to the next year.
  • Ultrapacks provide flexible and broad usage rights. The images in Ultrapacks can be used for multiple purposes. You can use them in print, broadcast, digital and social media. They do not have print run and impressions limits. They also do not have monetary limits on indemnification. If you purchase royalty-free images, you can enjoy broad perpetual usage rights. If you purchase editorial photos, you will have a 15 year editorial use right, excluding the use on print covers.

How is an Ultrapack better than buying a single image?

Ultrapacks are available in volume sizes of 5, 10, 15, and 25 images. This means you get a volume discount on the original price of royalty-free images and editorial photos. The larger the pack your purchase, the more money you save too. You do not have to select the images in advance to purchase an Ultrapack. You just download immediately or use the image downloads whenever you want because they do not expire.

Everyone wants to be part of the Getty Images community. With the new Ultrapacks, that is now possible. You do not have to be discouraged by buying photos from them because the stock photo website offers something that is just as good as Getty Images coupon.

Get 10 Adobe Stock Free Images Now

 what is adobe stockAdobe Stock has one of the largest stock photo collection in the market. To date, it has over 50 million stock images in its library, with more images added regularly. All images are of high quality and are curated by Adobe. You can be sure that, with a monthly or annual subscription, you only get world-class images to complete your creative projects. Furthermore, the stock site is integrated with Creative Cloud applications so you can directly work on your designs.

The stock photo website offers numerous features and benefits that creative professionals simply cannot resist. Since it is not affordable for all users, Adobe Stock offers promotions to make its collection available to everyone. Currently, it has a promo that offer 10 Adobe Stock free images when you subscribe to the annual plan of $29.99 per month. The offer is expiring soon, so you need to hurry and sign up through this link.

Explore Adobe Stock and Get Free Images

With Adobe Stock’s vast collection of world-class stock images, you will surely find the perfect image to complete your amazing project. You can choose between paying per image and subscribing to a plan to explore the stock photo website’s library. If you only need a few images at this moment, image on demand is the perfect solution for you. On the other hand, you need to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan for consistent creative needs.


At this time, we recommend the annual plan of $29.99 per month. It is a yearly plan, but it is paid monthly. With this plan, you can download 10 images per month. If you need more, you can always get additional images for only $2.99 per image. You do not need to worry about unused image downloads as well, because they will be rolled over to the next month. Moreover, you can get 10 Adobe Stock free images now.

The annual plan currently has a promo offer, which provides new subscribers with 10 high quality images for free. How does this offer work? It’s simple. Upon signing up, the first month will be refunded. This means that the first month of your annual plan will be free of charge. You can use the allotted images for free. In addition, you do not have to worry about extra fees when you decide to cancel your subscription. It is cancel risk free within the first month.

What are you waiting for? Keep in mind that the offer is only available until April 30, 2016. Sign up to the website, get access to over 50 million high quality stock images, avail your Adobe Stock free images, and design the most amazing project with your Creative Cloud application now!

Buy Credit with an iStock Promo Code

istock_logoAre you looking for the perfect images, illustrations, videos and audio clips? iStock by Getty Images is one of the largest and most successful stock image sites in the market with millions of stock files in its library. With this number of creative contents, you will surely find an image, vector, video or audio track that suits your project. Moreover, the website offers flexible pricing that will surely fit any budget.

iStock features a user-friendly interface that allows you to browse through millions of royalty-free photos, illustrations, videos, and music. These stock files are offered at ridiculously great prices as well, increasing your chance of getting a file that suits your budget. You can get Essential images at unbelievable prices or Signature images with unparalleled quality. Whichever you get, you will need credits to complete the purchase.

Buying with Credits

credit package istockphoto

iStock gives you two options to purchase images from its vast library of stock files. In this article, we will talk about buying these files with credits. Credits are considered as iStock’s currency. They are used to make a purchase or download from the website. The best thing about them is the fact that they never expire. Once you buy them, you can use the, whenever you want – even up to one year since the purchase.

iStock allows you to pay per downloaded image, illustration, video and music with credits. Depending on your creative needs, you can by a minimum of 1 credit for as low as $12 and a maximum of 300 credits for $2400. You may think that this can be too expensive. Thankfully, the website offers a promo wherein you get to save more when you buy more. Discounts vary in increasing amounts for up to 33%.

If you are buying a single credit, you are not entitled to any discounts. Discounts starts with a minimum credit purchase of 3. Buying 3 credits lets you save 8% of the actual price. What if you need more than 300 credits? That is not a problem. If you require a larger credit pack, you can always contact the customer support of the website. Of course, you are still entitled to higher discounts as well.

More Good News!


That is not all the good news there is. iStock also honors iStock promo codes from the other websites to further your savings. In fact, many websites claim to offer these iStock coupons. It is within your discretion to only deal with trusted ones. Trusted websites, such as stockphotosecrets.com, are affiliated with iStock. As long as you get your iStock promo code from them, you can be sure that you have valid and active codes.   

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Photocase Photography

photocase-kleinStock images from Photocase are commonly used in websites, blogs, flyers, ebooks and slideshows. This increased the need for images, which also increased the number of stock image websites in the market. Because of these, companies started to protect their companies from copyright issues. They started to utilize the various options that stock sites offer. What makes Photocase more praiseworthy?

  1. Photocase images are easy to find. The website has a user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate around easily. You can find the search option everywhere to find whatever you are looking for fast.
  2. Unlike other websites, Photocase photography is unique, contemporary and inspiring. It is strongly curated with a modern feel that will suit any budget. The website currently has over 300,000 images that you will not find in any other stock photo websites. What more could you look for?
  3. Different projects require different licensing needs. Fortunately, Photocase offers multiple licensing options that give you more freedom for your projects. With greater protection, you can save yourself from financial and legal risks. The website offers Standard License and Extended License. Photocase’s Extended License has three types – Merchandising, Omit Citation and Unlimited production Run. 
  • Merchandising License is used if you want to sell physical products such as calendars and T-shirts. It also permits you to use the images in Powerpoints presentation and website templates.
  • Omit Citation License saves you from citing the photographer and the website. With the Standard License, citation is required.
  • Unlimited production Run allows you to create copies of the image as many as you need. With the Standard License, you can only reproduce up to 250,000 copies of your creative project.   
  1. Membership Benefits. Each stock photo agency offers various benefits to its members. Photocase also offer a number of benefits. Most of all, it allows you to download from its unique library of images. It also allows you to utilize lightboxes for better organization. It also allows you to interact with other users in its friendly community.
  2. Every stock site has a wide variety of talented photographers. Joining Photocase and uploading images have strict requirements. The website’s photographers do not mass produce their masterpieces; thus, the images in the library are unique to the site. You will not find them anywhere else.


 Now that the 7 reasons why you should buy Photocase images are settled, you will need to register to the website to enjoy extraordinary images and membership benefits. To download images, you will also need credits. Moreover, get your hands on a Photocase coupon code to get free credits or further discounts. What are you waiting for? Get a coupon code from your trusted affiliated website now!

Getting the Best Deal with a Shutterstock Coupon


In the stock photo industry, the name Shutterstock has become synonymous with consistent quality.  The company is one of the largest agencies out there, and is so big that these days it’s traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  As it has continued to grow and offer more and more photos, Shutterstock has kept a devotion to high quality imagery at the forefront of its business model.  But from a consumer standpoint, that quality comes at a big price: Shutterstock is synonymous with quality, but certainly not known for the best bargains.  But with a Shutterstock coupon code, you can change that, and get the best deal around for the agency’s high quality imagery.  Here’s how much you can save.


On Demand Deals with a Shutterstock Coupon Code

If you like to download your stock images one at a time as you need them, our coupons will help you save big with Shutterstock’s on-demand offerings.  Our 13% off deals mean that for one image, which usually retails for $9.99, you will save $1.30 and only have to pay $8.69.  If you need more images, our coupon code works for all of Shutterstock’s image packs.  25 images sells for $229, but with our 13% off coupon you can get those 25 high quality stock photos for only $199.23.  Those savings add up quickly.

The Best Deal on Shutterstock Imagery


If you want to download imagery from Shutterstock’s library at the absolute best possible cost, a monthly subscription is by far your best bet.  You will have to use a lot of imagery every month to make it worth your investment, but if you do, you’ll save huge.  And our Shutterstock coupon codes are here to help.

Just like with on-demand imagery, our Shutterstock code affords you a 13% discount from your monthly subscription plan.  Typically, Shutterstock monthly plans cost $199 for 350 images, or $249 for 750 images.  With our coupon, those price points get knocked down to  $173.13 and $215.63.

If you want to get the absolute best deal from Shutterstock per image, select their higher volume monthly plan and add our savings codes on when you do.  Again, you’ll pay $215.63 per month for 750 image downloads.  But what does that break down to on a per-image basis?  With our coupon codes and a high volume monthly subscription, you will only be paying about $.29 per image.  That’s a whole lot of value for a whole lot of image quality.

How to Use Your 2015 iStock Promo Code and Save Up to 20% Off

If you’re looking for a great way to save money on stock photos, you’re in luck. With the new 2015 iStock promo code, you can get up to 20% off on both credit and subscription packages at the world-renown stock photo agency.

iStock is the first stock photo agency to take stock photography to the web. It offers millions of royalty-free stock images, design elements, and media including footage and audio. Millions of people utilize iStock’s vast array of high-quality resources for their design, photography, and marketing projects.

Now with your 2015 iStock promo code, you’ll be ready to get some of the best stock photos on the web for a discounted price. So take advantage of this offer before it expires at the end of March 2015.


iStock Promo Code Gives New Customers a Discount

iStock wants to welcome new customers in 2015 to their amazing offering of high-quality royalty-free stock photos. If you’ve been on the fence about joining iStock or not, now is your chance to get started and save some money.

You can purchase any amount of credits and with this first iStock promo code you’ll save 20%. This can save you anywhere between $2.40 and $480 and potentially even more. In just three steps below, we’ll outline for you how to use your 2015 iStock promo code.

  1. Save 20% on any amount of credits for new customers
  2. Copy the iStock promo code
  3. The Redeem it on iStock

This promotional offer last until 2015 and is only available for new customers. So if you want to save 20% off the total price of any credit pack, use this iStock promo code today.

Even More Discounts on Credit Packs at iStock

Whether you’re a new customer or not, you can take advantage of this 15% discount on credit packs with more than 18 credits using this iStock promo code. This discount can save you $25.50 to $360 or more depending on how many credits you purchase. That is some significant savings.

If you’re wondering how to use this iStock promo code, simply follow the three steps below.

  1. If you want to save 15% on credit packs with 18 credits or more and you’re a new customer or a returning customer just…
  2. Copy this iStock promo code
  3. Then Redeem it on iStock

This offer also expires 2015 and is for all customers. New or returning. It is very rare that iStock gives a discount to returning customers, so take advantage of this special offer now by redeeming this unique iStock promo code today.

Save Money on iStock Subscriptions with this iStock Promo Code

Are you interested in the iStock subscription plans? If you’re using lots of stock photos every day and like to get a discount, you should be. And now for a limited time only, we have an iStock promo code for you that can save you 14% off of your next yearly iStock subscription.

Good for all new iStock annual subscriptions, you can save 14% and gain access to millions of stock photos. There are two subscription packages available at iStock. First is the essentials subscription which offers you millions of photos at low prices. The second is the signature subscription which offers every essentials image plus another 6 million premium images that only iStock has.

By subscribing to the Essentials plan you get access to 750 images per month at the cost of $1,999 for the entire year. With 14% off, you save almost $280 and pay just over $1,719. If you elect to go premium and get the Signature iStock subscription plan, you get over 750 images per month at the cost of $3,999 per year. But when you use this iStock promo code, you will save almost $560 and pay just $3,439 which means each image costs only $0.38. The saving is definitely significant when you take advantage of this offer.

For the three simple steps for how to use your iStock promo code do this…

  1. Determine you want to save 14% on a 1 year subscription
  2. Copy iStock promo code:
  3. The Redeem it on iStock

Very rarely does iStock offer a subscription discount and this promo code is valid only until 2015. So take advantage of this huge savings now.

Using an iStock promo code is as simple as a 1-2-3 step process. First determine which discount you want to use to save money on high-quality royalty-free stock photos then copy the 2015 iStock promo code and finally redeem in on iStock.

Which coupon code would work best for you? Do you prefer stock photo credit packs or subscription plans? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Best Shutterstock Coupon Codes and Discounts

The use of pictures has become quite commonplace online. This is because those images truly bring websites, online catalogs, online listings for things for sale, tourism sites and various other business and personal pages to life in ways like no other. Though one can always try and grab some pictures on their own, using ones that are are high quality and professional looking is the best option. This is also why places such as Shutterstock have become so popular. We have got lucky with this coupons here: http://www.stockphotosecrets.com/offers/shutterstock-coupon-code.html

Those who visit www.shutterstock.com to look through all of the stock photos will quickly find that any visual need they have can be satisfied by many of the images found right there on Shutterstock. The one thing, however, that people also want is a good deal and this is what leads many to seek out ways to save or perhaps coupons that work at the site for those stock photography images they want.

How to save with this Shutterstock Coupon Codes?

A Shutterstock coupon code can be an amazing way for anyone to save some money. This is because there are always various Shutterstock coupon codes to be found and then used for orders both big and small. This is really an ideal way for one to get the images they need and also save some money at the same time.

A Shutterstock coupon is typically presented as Shutterstock promo codes that are used right at the site when one is ready to complete their order after picking and choosing the images they want. It is a simple entering those easy to find and then use Shutterstock Free offers that come in the form of those Shutterstock Promotion offers that come about not just from time to time, but almost always as one ca typically always locate such a good discount for the site.

Stock agencies such as Shutterstock really have revolutionized the way that people can access images and stock photos. It brings this whole new look and feel to just about anything on can do either online or off as that inclusion of top notch pictures and graphics is truly a way to capture the attention of people.

Pay less for your Stock Photo Subscription at Shutterstock

Promotion codes have been being used at online sites for many years and with good reason. They are the top way for anyone to cut down costs on just about anything they are buying. They are the online equivalent of coupons used in bricks and mortar stores but they are used in such as easy manner that one just merely enters the code at checkout and the discount immediately appears; thus saving one money.

The way that online stock photography and image sites has brought people and pictures together truly is an amazing thing for those who want the right image for use in various things. Whether crafting and creating invitations, homemade cards, web sites, brochures, business cards, clothing or anything else that would benefit by having an image or picture, it is through those Shutterstock Coupon Codes and Shutterstock Promo Codes that many more are better able to afford those images that they truly want and need.

Shutterstock Coupon Code

All you need to know about Shutterstock coupon code

Shutterstock Coupon Code

Shutterstock is very famous and this is not only to readers, but it is also famous among the wider stock photo community. In fact, Shutterstock has at least more than 30 million files where you can select. Shutterstock is also known for their image library, which is fantastic and their contributors are also amazing and thus making it unique. When it comes to experience, you cannot count Shutterstock out, for they have more than a decade of experience in this field. Shutterstock is known for their quality and that is why creative people and bloggers usually go for their images.

We are known for using the Shutterstock and they have a very good relationship with Shutterstock. In fact, we have managed to get the Shutterstock coupon code for our readers. Shutterstock and we have had a very good relationship, and it is because of this relationship that they have that has helped them get very good deals in 2014. You will have the advantage of getting at least 10% off, which is for the exclusive Shutterstock rebate codes. This is just but one of the reasosn why you shuold make it your number one company.

Shutterstock coupon codes

There are so many Shutterstock coupon codes available for the year 2014, and it is always important to know them. Some of the promotion codes you can get include; the 10% off the annual subscriptions which you can check on this Shutterstock Coupon Code website. This kind of Shutterstock rebate code usually comes with 10% off for the new clients. You can also get the 7% for all the footage packs, which you can check above and this is 7% off for the footage videos. Once you have the code with you, you need to make sure you copy the code first before you can decide to click on the redeem here option. You should also know that some of these codes are for the people buying stock footage. When you use the Shutterstock promotion codes, you will be able to save at least 10% on the footage packs and the subscriptions.

Why you should choose Shutterstock and not iStock

If you have never used Shutterstock before, you might be asking why you should use Shutterstock. If you did not know, then you need to know that there are some useful Shutterstock features and highlights you should know about.

  • The first one is that shutter stock has more than 30 million files for you to select. When you have these kinds of options, there is no doubt that you will be spoilt for choice.
  • This company is also experienced in this field because they have been in business ever since 2003
  • You will also have the advantage of choosing different types of footage, vectors, illustrations, clip art and stock photos.
  • The other reason why you need to use Shutterstock is because they are the first photo agency that have been listed on the New York stock exchange
  • You can also use the Shutterstock photos mainly because you will be sure that they are using high quality photos.
  • You should also use Shutterstock mainly because their standard license has so many advantages compared to other stock agencies.
  • When you use shutter stock, you will be able to deposit any type of payment. For example; JCB, discover, MasterCard, American express and Visa.

BTW if you are after exclusive content – feel free to check out our iStock promotion here.

Shutterstock success story

Ever since Shutterstock was founded in 2003, there has been tremendous growth and they are now among the best. When you look at what they have right now; you will just be amaze for they have 30 million footage, vector graphics, illustrations, clipart and stock photos. In fact Shutterstock enjoys so much success, and this is mainly because of the innovations available when it comes to the subscription options. These innovations are for different budgets and needs and also constant reliance of the crowd sourcing from the earlier years.

One thing that is unique about Shutterstock is that it was and still is a subscription based photo agency. For anyone who does not know about subscription based photo agencies, you might think that this is a great disadvantage. The truth is that it is not a disadvantage, and the catch you will get is in details. Shutterstock mainly provides bigger subscription plans for the people buying big, which gives them an advantage of getting the graphic goodies. All these will be for a fraction of the price that is mainly offered by the competitors. There are some people who have unique cases, and this can be that they are not planning to spend much or they just need very few images. If you are this kind of person, you can be rest assured that Shutterstock understands your situations and they have you well covered so there is no need for you to worry. What Shutterstock has done is that they have created different kinds of customized plans. When there are different types of customized plans, you as the customer can be comfortable to select the kind of shutter stone plan that will suit you well. You will also get plans that are good for your budget, and this will let you spend within your planned budget.

How to redeem this code – Video

I just stumbled over this video how to redeem the Shutterstock coupon code

When you look at all these, there is no doubt that Shutterstock has the best system that knows how to cater for all their clients regardless of the client’s finances or needs. Therefore, this will be up to the client to take advantage of this and use the services of Shutterstock. They are considered the best for they have the best deals, and when you use their promotion codes you will get the best of their services. Shutterstock will give you the opportunity to download vectors and photos once you have subscribed to their services. Therefore, it will be up to you to make sure you use their service if you want to enjoy their Shutterstock coupon codes. You can go and get them today and see how well they will work for you. It is equally a good opportunity to save some cash by using these coupon codes.

iStock Promo Code

Save with this iStockphoto Promotions

iStock Promo Code

promo codes are useful marketing tools that are exchanged for discounts when buying a product. They are mostly issued by manufacturers of packaged goods or services to customers or retailers and are used for sales promotion in retail stores. promo codes are usually distributed through magazines, newspapers, mail, coupon envelops or over the internet. Customers who are price conscious usually go and claim their savings from retail stores. When giving out promo codes, manufacturers mostly target areas that have great price competition for the given product. This article reviews iStockphoto promo codes and ShutterStock promo codes codes to guide customers when purchasing their products.

iStock Promo Codes

Check out this iStock Promo Code, which saves customers a lot of money when they purchase either new or old credit packs. iStockphoto is a widely known stock agency which provides customers with quality stock photos at the lowest price in the market. iStockphoto gives customers royalty free stock photos, audios, videos and illustrations which can be used for commercial projects. After completing an easy sign up, you can either purchase credit or enroll to a subscription plan. iShockphoto voucher code will then earn you a 15% discount – now only at Stock photo Secrets.

Using iStockphoto promo code is quite simple. After you have registered and bought the credits of your choice, you proceed to the checkout page where you redeem your discount. This is done by entering the iStockphoto promo code in the promo code text box and then enjoying your discounts.

IStockphoto credits come with different prices to suit the needs of different customers. You can buy as little as 8 credits for just $13.99. You can purchase up to 1,000 credits at the price of $1,465. For a start, 30 credits can be good and are available at the price of $50. One credit therefore costs you $1.67 and can buy for you a royalty free stock for your preferred use.

Check out this great explainer video, how to redeem this promotion here at Youtube or below.

iStock has a high quality photo library which offers you quality photos at the lowest price in the market. The huge collection of quality photos is carefully selected by the best photo editors and come in different creative designs hence providing you with the best quality photos. For the price of 1 credit, you can get iStockphoto promo code to use in downloading the photos of your choice from iStockphoto and using them for your intended purpose.

Shutterstock Coupon Code

Shutterstock has creative professional photographers, videographers and illustrators who upload their creative work to the website and get paid whenever their content is downloaded. This has made the site highly recommended among photographers. Shutterstock also screens every image, footage or vector that is posted in their site to ensure that it meets high standards of quality. There photo library has thousands of photo genres to ensure that a buyer chooses a picture which meets the intended purpose. Try Shutterstock today and make great savings from our Shutterstock Coupon Code.

All these websites regularly give buyers great discounts on these products through promo codes. These discounts keep on changing and buyers should always be alert for these great deals so as to make great savings.